Which School Should I Fill For 2018 Utme

Most of Nigeria candidates are confused or wondering on how to fill there jamb form for 2018 and this question keeps popping into their mind, that "Which School Should I Fill For 2018 Utme ?", well, you are about to find out, just keep reading - Are you wondering if online education is right for you? Then you should read this post - Is Online Education Right For Me

Last time on academic advice, I wrote an article on admission procedure into Nigeria Universities and I received some emails from candidates that, they love the post. Also read, how to read and understand by me, today's topic is "Which School Should I Fill For 2018 Utme".

which school should I fill for 2018 utme

Which School Should I Fill For 2018 Utme Test

Before proceeding, I believed you yourself have already has a particular choice of university which you have planned to fill for 2018 utme, but why not think twice. So let start with universities first then polytechnic and probably other institution. But first let talk about what credentials should you have at hand before thinking about jamb at all.

What Certificate Should I Have Before Fill Out 2018 Jamb Form

As you have already know that federal government have cancel post utme as of 2016. So know, institution are using a procedure call Point System Option [PSO].

So, your first certificate to have is your O'Level result.

What Grade Should I Have In My O'Level Result And How Many Sittings

First let me answer the second question, Try as much as possible to have one sitting result because one sitting acquires 10 points and two sittings acquires 3 points, I believed now you see the difference.

Make sure you have more higher grades than the lower ones.

What do I mean by higher grades, try as much as possible to have either more A's (distinction) Or B's than credits. Because if you have straight credits in your O'Level result, you might find it difficult to gain admission into Nigeria Universities.

Brief : I have numerous candidates that fall into this trap in 2016 admission processes, so you should try as much as possible not to.

Read my post on admission procedure into Nigeria Universities to know which certificate you should tender.

Now let talk about the the list of universities you should think twice before choosing them.

List Of Universities To Think Twice Before Choosing Them In 2018 UTME

As we all know that, the most choosing institution by candidates is Unilorin, so let talk about Unilorin first.

Should I Choose Unilorin?

Should I choose unilorin?, the answer is No, #A one big No#.
Let talk about why....
Unilorin is the only federal university that is not associated with A.S.S.U, meaning they don't strike atall and they are also believed that they are fast in terms of academic which is the most reason why every candidates choose them.

It was record in 2016 that Unilorin was the most choosing institution by candidates.

Ok, even to not talk about the number of candidates that choose them as the reason why they don't give candidates admission but because of their remedia program "which provide the participated candidates 90% admission" you yourself think about it, will they offer direct entry (e.g you) admission first and then consider the candidates that pay almost 100k for the remedia program. I don't think so.

Overall statement, if you have decided to choose unilorin and not planning doing their remedia program Please Think Twice Don't choose them, except if you know someone that is really powerful, "like someone that knows the Vice Chancellor or the Vice Chancellor itself", because Unilorin admission is not just like after jamb just sit home and be expecting admission alert, trust me it has never work out that way.
If you read my post on admission procedure into Nigeria Universities you will see that I also try Unilorin two times and it happens that I know one of their admission officers but still...... #Talking from experience#.
I know that just because Unilorin doesn't work out for me that it won't also work out for you too but Unilorin is not like that, i know five candidates that choose Unilorin this past year "2016" and non of them were given admission.

Is like you are in a huge crowd and you are signifying like the guy in the image below.

when you are lost in Unilorin admission midst

So don't choose Unilorin because alot of candidates has already register for their remedia program and alot will still choose them through direct entry. (Especially the ones that doesn't have chance to come across this post - that is why, we always ask you to hit the share button for other candidates to read.

Conclusion On Choosing Unilorin In 2018 Utme Test

Don't choose Unilorin, if you like the school so much, think about your life and how time is not on your side.

Now let talk about Obafemi Awolowo university.

No offense but, if you know that, you are not that brilliant or not even atall, why would you choose OAU.
In terms of academic performance, OAU is the best. Let list the things you should have if you wanted to choose OAU.

Things You Should Have Before Choosing Obafemi Awolowo University

First thing, you should have good grades in you O'Level result, it is either you have A or B, don't even think about having up to 4 credits in your result not to talk of two sittings.

Also if you wanted to choose OAU, you should know that, Your Shouldn't Score Less Than 250 In Jamb.
So if you are up for these two task, then choose OAU and don't forget to do the final and the most important thing which will be reveal at the end of this session.

Special Thought On Obafemi Awolowo University

Personally, i myself, think or recommend OAU for younger candidates, like 16 to 18 yrs, ones you are above that age, you shouldn't even think about the institution except if you plan to graduate Old. OAU is the most "let me use this word" Strikest federal university in Nigeria.
Currently they are in second semester and this post was written in January, 2017 and updated in 2018

Lol: I watch one comedy skit on youtube and the guy said, OAU STRIKE THAN THUNDER yea it is true. OAU strike than A.S.S.U itself.

Conclusion On Obafemi Awolowo University

Don't choose OAU "Obafemi Awolowo University" if you are old enough but if you think that, you can wait then go ahead. But have it in mind that, time is not on anyone's side and all those big big company always tends to offer job to young graduates.

And also know that, OAU is not just as other institution, before you choose OAU make sure you are ready to read like hell, trust me OAU is not just an institution to play and read, it's pure reading!!.

If not for their striking like thunder issue and Nigeria jamb misscoring "you know" I would have choose the institution but now am proud to be a Funaabite and a computer scientist

Now let talk about university of ibadan A.K.A, U.I

Should I Choose University Of Ibadan In 2018 Utme?

The answer is Yes and No, if you have solid O'level result, then fill U.I out for this year 2018. And I don't need to tell you that ones you score below 200 in jamb, then don't even think about it twice, Obtain The Change Of Course Form Instantly even if you scored 199.4 ones it cannot be rounded up to 200, then don't even think twice even if it happens that the VC is your dad.

I think those are the university that candidates don't know when to choose them. Other institutions such as Unilag, Uniben, Nsukkha, Funaab, etc (generally other institution) are using the same memo, like ones you merit the admission you will be given as oppose to Unilorin that even during the days of post utme, a candidate that score 90+% wasn't given admission not to talk of now that there is no such thing as post utme.
I think by now you should have have an answer to your question "which school should I fill for 2018 utme"

I think I will also write an article on "How To Pass Jamb a.k.a Utme "but it won't based on mainly academic approach but also advice.

Conclusion On Which School Should I Fill For 2018 Utme

Currently for now in Nigeria O'Level is the key to admission into universities, meaning what, if you can have distinction all through please do, no one will penalize you because that is what the institution are looking for. Please read special advice at the end of this post.

The second thing is, The days of scoring below 200 in jamb a.k.a utme is over, if you want admission into nigeria universities, then don't think about scoring even 200, think and aim big, if you can score 300 or even above, please don't hesitate. #that is what they are looking for#.

Also, please have it in mind that, The days of leaving a question un-answer during jamb examination is over {this is the main reason why I will write a new post on how to pass Jamb}.

You need to score as much as you can.

Special Advice

It has been speculated that federal government has extended the validity period of utme results to 3 years #not confirm# c'mon, it is Nigeria we are talking about, anything can change anytime, who knows that there won't be any post utme in 2016, yea nobody. So don't be deceive by this, if you have past utme result already and you plan on using it, make sure you score up to 250 or more before deciding not write another jamb.

And besides don't even think about not sitting for another utme, because federal government may spread out another news after which utme has been written already that you can't use the past utme result, so think twice.

Now let go to the final and the most important thing.

The Final And The Most Important Thing

Prayer!!! Pray to your GOD, either you are a Christian or a Muslim, #it doesn't really matter# even if you "are the third one" just pray to your GOD and he will surely answer. #am one of his living testimony#.

One more time ask yourself now that, which school should I fill for 2018 utme or which school should I think twice on before choosing them in 2018 utme. I believed you've already have an answer. Are you wondering if online education is right for you? Then you should read this post - Is Online Education Right For Me

So that all.

Ok, you just read an article on which school should you choose for 2018 Utme. Don't you have any question, like am choosing lautech, what should I have in mind. Write a comment to let us know and ask for advice. Last time I check, acadel.org is an online tutorial classes to learn, get ideas and advice. I'll be waiting for your thought and questions, thank you. Even if you are not sitting for the examination, what about you brother or sister or evenyour neighbor.
Please hit that sharing button, pleassee.

Our next meet on academic advice will be on "how to pass 2018 utme test" which will be out in couple of days, so till then God bless me.

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