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Hello candidates, as you've already know, my name is Uncle Asap, our topic for today on government is political science. First, What Is Political Science?

What is Political science

What Is Political Science?

Political Science

Political Science can be defined as systematic study and analysis of politics. Political science attempts to understand the political behaviour of individuals, groups and societies, the factors and conditions that affect political actors, political events and institutions.

Stephen Wasby, defines political science as "an identifiable field of study, with oft-disputed scope and content, whose practitioners are found mostly in institutions of higher education, where they teach and conduct research, or in government".

History Of Political Science

Political science is a relatively young academic field of study in many countries. Political science was first taught in American Universities in the 1850s.
The teaching of the subject grew rapidly and spread to many European and African Universities.
In the past, political science was taught as part of other academic disciplines such as Law, History, Philosophy or Economics. But today, political science is now taught as a distinct discipline and academic subject. Those who study and teach the subject have formed professional associations in various countries, such as the American Political Science Association {APSA}, African Association of Political Science {AAPS} and the Nigerian Political Science Association {NPSA}.

Values Of Studying Political Science Or Function Of Political Science

What are the values of studying political science?
The function of studying political science or function of political science is to discover the principles that should be adhered to, in public and to study the operations of government in order to demonstrate what is good, to criticize what is bad or inefficient and to suggest ways of improvement.
The study of politics provides findings and conclusions which may be of immense practical use to legal draftsmen, constitution-makers, members of the legislature, executive and the judiciary, all of whom need models for rules of behaviour. Although the study of politics does not provide any systematic knowledge which can serve as a definite guide to statesmen, the knowledge of, and critical analysis of past events can serve as a rough guide.

Political science also teaches citizenship in the sense of providing data, facts and methods of analysis pertaining to political process and systems in the hope that people can become interested in politics and become more intelligent observers of, and participants in the political arena while political science may not have ready-made answers to all political issues and problems, they can educate students in citizenship.

Since political science is concerned with the "science of the state" that is, facts about the essential nature of statehood, political authority, the relationships among individuals within a state, between individuals and the state and between one state and another, it would seem an intelligent course for the individual to learn as much as possible about it.
Finally, political science helps prepare the students for certain careers, for example, political science provides academic and professional training for public service in the federal, state and local governments.
Now you should know the answer to what is political science, now ask yourself, is politics an art or a science?

Is Politics An Art Or A Science

This question "is politics an art or science?" has always been an argument between students, today you will be knowing the answer to it.
Many poetical scientists see politics as less than a science than an art. The artist is one who develops skill along certain lines not so much because of knowledge of general principles but because of native talents and long practice in his craft.
But as in other arts, there are certain factors in the art of governing and being governed which relate not so much to science as to common sense, intuition, imagination and experience, that is, qualities of mind of personality.
Furthermore, practical politics calls for a practical skill that distinguishes one man from another. Long training and experience elevates one man above another and when training and aptitude increase a skill, we have conditions typical of an art.

Politics is in a sense, as described by Lord Bismarck, "the art of the possible" it is the act of selecting the most worthwhile among whatever policies are possible. Politics is choice. It is concerned with practical matters instead of highly imaginary and visionary creations. Like some great artists.
Many effective politicians have not been born to it in the sense that they have talents perpetually suited to practical politics. Like artists, they have been capable of making intuitive adjustments aided by an innate sense of taste, balance and harmony.

Politics As A Science;
Science provides the principles: the corresponding art applies them. The political scientist provide the principles for the politicians.
However, political science cannot make a politician out of a scientist any more than physiology can make an athlete out of a physiotherapist. Nor can political science make up to any great extent for the wealth of experience and insight that the practical politicians or administrator bring to bear on individual political problems. Except in rare cases, many political scientists do not possess the aptitude for politics.


We think of politics as an art because a politician is judged primarily in terms of his results. On other hand, a political scientist is judged at least as such in terms of the methods he has used in his work as in terms of results because the methods affect the validity of his results.

Wooohh, let stop for today on what is political science, our next topic will base on "Scope of political science" where will be talking about, International relations, Political theory, Comparative politics, Public administration and National politics and also their relationships. By now, you should be able to answer the question, what is political science.
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