Tenses : Past Participle

What is past participle? Today's topic on the use of English language is past participle. The session will base on what is past participle, how to use past participle, rules and principles.

English Language : Past Participle

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What is Past Participle?

Past Participle : is used to express an action that happened or took place in the past.
Simply Past Participle is the past tense of all lexical verbs.

For example now, if you greeted an elderly person and the person claims that you didn't greeted him/her, how will you express yourself that you did,
Definitely you will say, I greeted you ma/sir.
That greeted is in past participle tense.top↑
Other examples or words (the common ones) associated with Past Participle are, walked, talked, and come. Join our Tutorial Class today.

Types Of Past Participle

There are two types of Past Participle, we have regular and irregular.

Regular Past Participle

a] Regular past participle : regular past participle are past participle tenses that ended with ed or that do not change.top↑

Past Participle That Ended Withed

1] Abide,  abode/abided,  abide/abided.
2] Bleed,  bled,  bled.
3] Bless,  blessed,  blessed.
4] Bust,  bust/busted,  bust/busted.
5] Chide,  chided,  chided.
6] Cleave(1),  clave,  cleaved.
Note : There are two types of cleave.
7] Plead,  pled/pleaded,  pled/pleaded.
8] Speed, sped/speeded, sped/speeded.
9] Walk,  walked,  walked.
10] Talk,  talked,  talked.
11] Greet,  greeted,  greeted.
12] Wet,  wet/wetted,  wet/wetted.
13] Wed,  wed/wedded,  wed/wedded.top↑
There are long list of Regular Past Participle, so find out more yourself I believe you should understand that we cannot be typing present, past, past participle tense list because it a one long list.

Past Participle That Did Not Change

1] hit, hit, hit.
2] bet, bet, bet.
3] burst, burst, burst. (there is nothing like bursted but there is busted)
4] Cast, cast, cast.
5] Offset, offset, offset
6] Outbid, outbid, outbid.
7] Put, put, put.
8] Quit, quit, quit.
9] Read, read, read.
10] Set, set, set.
11] Rid, rid, rid.
12] Shed, shed, shed.
13] Shut, shut, shut.
14] Slit, slit, slit.
15] Spread, spread, spread.
16] Cut, cut, cut.
17] Underbid, underbid, underbid.
18] Mishit, mishit, mishit.
19] Recast, recast, recast.
20] Reset, reset, reset.
21] Undercut, undercut, undercut.
22] Typecast, typecast, typecast.
23] Upset, upset, upset.
24] Broadcast,  broadcast,  broadcast.
25] Proofread,  proofread,  proofread.
26] Sublet,  sublet,  sublet.
27] Thrust,  thrust,  thrust.
Please find out more on your own, I believe you understand that it a long list.top↑
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Irregular Past Participle

Irregular past participle : are past participle tenses that did not end with ed, that is, took another form.

Past Participle That Take Another Form (Change)

Present   past      past participle
1] Arise,  arose,  arisen.
2] Awake,  awoke,  awoken.
3] Be,  was/were,  been.
4] bear,  bore,  borne.
5] beat,  beat,  beaten.
6] become,  bacame,  become
7] Fall,  fell,  fallen.
8] Get,  got,  gotten.
9] Begin,  began,  begun.
10] Hold,  held,  held.
11] Bend,  bent,  bent.
12] Seek,  sought,  sought.
13] Bite,  bit,  bitten.
14] Spend, spent,  spent.
15] Build,  built,  built.
16] mistake,  mistook,  misunderstood
17] Shoot,  shot,  shot.
18] Sleep,  slept,  slept.
19] Pay,  paid,  paid.
20] Lay,  laid,  laid.
21] Rend,  rent,  rent.
22] Do,  did,  done.
23] make,  made,  made.
24] Run,  ran,  ran.
25] sell,  sold,  sold.
26] take,  took,  taken.
27] Wind,  wound,  wound.
28] Write,  wrote,  written.
29] Ride,  rode,  ridden.
30] Shake,  shook,  shaken.
31] Shrink,  shrank/shrunk,  shrunk.
32] Slay,  slew, slain.
33] Smite,  smote,  smitten.
34] Spin,  span/spun,  spun.
35] Spring,  sprang,  sprung.
36] Strive,  strove,  striven.
37] Swear,  swore,  sworn.
38] Swim,  swam,  swum.
39] Weep,  wept,  wept.
40] Wind,  wound,  wound.
41] Tear,  tore,  torn.
42] Throw,  threw,  thrown.
43] Stride,  strode,  no past participle.
44] Sling,  slung,  slung.
45] Slink,  slunk,  slunk.
46] Choose,  chose,  chosen.
47] Slide,  slid,  slid.
48] Blow,  blew,  blown.
49] Spit,  spat/spit,  spun.
50] Stick,  stuck,  stuck.
51] Lie,  lay,  lain.
52] Draw,  drew,  drawn.
There are a long list of irregular past participle, so find out more yourself, I hope you understand.top↑
Consider reading Concord in the use of English language.

There are also some words that take both regular form and irregular form.

Past Participle That Take Both Forms

1] Bid,  bid/bade,  bid/bidden.
2] Burn,  burnt/burned,  burnt/burned.
3] Bust,  bust/busted,  bust/busted.
4] Cleave,  cleaved/clove/cleft,  cleaved/cloven/cleft (the second cleave)
5] Misread/misrid,  misread,  misread.
6] Misspell,  misspelled/mispelt,  misspelled/mispelt.
7] Mow,  mowed,  mown.
8] Prove,  proved,  proven.
9] Saw,  sawed,  sawn.
10] Shear,  sheared,  shorn/sheared.
11] Shine,  shone/shined,  shone/shined.
12] Shit,  shitted/shat,  shitted/shat.
13] Show,  showed,  shown/showed.
14] Smell,  smelt/smelled,  smelt/smelled.
15] Spell,  spelt/spelled,  spelt/spelled.
16] Spill,  spilled/spilt,  spilled/spilt.
17] Spoil,  spoilt/spoiled,  spoilt/spoiled.
18] Stave,  staved/stove,  staved/stove.
19] Strew,  strewed,  strewed/strewn.
20] Swell,  swelled,  swollen/swelled.
21] Tread,  trod,  trodden/trod.
22] Weave,  wove/weaved,  woven/weaved.top↑
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