The Scientific And Technological Development Of Early Nigerian Societies

Last time we talked about sources of history and did some introduction to Nigerian history. Today we will be talking about the scientific and technological development of early Nigerian societies. That is, history of science and technology in Nigeria

The Scientific And Development Of Early Nigerian Societies

The history of science and technological knowhow has been known to the people of pre colonial societies even before the white man made contact with Africans. This, however, was a gradual process where man started with stone and later iron to create scientific and technological materials

Archaeology is one of the sources that have proved useful in the study of early Nigerian history. In particular, information on the major landmarks in early Nigerian history was made possible through the work of archaeologists (Shaw, 2001). Archaeologists provided information on how to know some of the places where man lived in Nigeria in the very remote past. These include Nok, Igbo-Ukwu, Ife and Benin which I am going to explain them one after the other next class. These are usually referred to as centres of ancient civilization{#next topic}. The history of these centres of ancient civilization presents us with the scientific and technological development of early Nigerian societies.

In man's attempt to control and adapt to different types of environment, he has produced specialised and standardised tools. The history of Nigeria is divided into periods according to what material man used in making his tools and weapons. Thus, we have the stone Age when man used stone and the Iron Age when he used iron to produce his tools and weapons. The stone Age is further subdivided into early Stone Age; middle Stone Age and late Stone Age (Shaw, 2001). in Nigeria, there is no evidence of early Stone Age which existed from about 2 million BC {before christ} to 35 thousand BC. However, the middle Stone Age survived from 35 thousand BC to 12 thousand BC. Evidence of this period could be seen around Ukpa Rock Shelter in Afikpo, the Jos Plateau and Lirue Hills in north of the plateau. Enrol For This History Course - This history course explain the history of earth, life, society and basically history of existence of everything.
That is all on the scientific and technological development of early Nigerian societies, that is, history of science and technology in Nigeria. Our next topic will be on Culture or Civilization of Nok, Ife, Benin and Igbo-ukwu. Till then stay blessed. Don't forget to suscribe to our candidates mailing list below☟also check Our Resources Page, thanks.

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