The Rules Of So In A Sentence

Hello Candidates, yea it Uncle Asap, yea I know it's been a while since we've met, am sorry for that, but am back and today's topic is on "The 6 Rules Of So In A Sentence" Or Use Of So in a sentence Or simply So Usage.
Yea, you know it always come down to a question, "How is So use in a sentence" Or What is use of So or Usage? Well you will found out soon, now call your friends, you enemies, call everybody, because it's show time....

the 6 rules of so

How To Use So In A Sentence Or Use Of So

Before we proceed, do you even know what So is Or what it mean? Because in my own country there is a filling station called So filling station, so let us first get the definition, like let me break it down like bulldozer.

What Is The Meaning Of So

So is a conjunction between two clauses in a sentence or statement and also it acts as an adverb of degree in a sentence.
So in plain text: So is like something or someone that join two things or person together, let have it like that, or simply, So is the third party that join or between two clauses to form a meaningful sentence. Let just say So is just a good samaritan that settles dispute between clauses and also tell us about often why something happens (adverb of degree).

As we already know that, where there is no law, there is no crime. Yea, So has it own rules in which it should be use to form a sentence and trust me, you don't want to annoy him by using him inappropriately because it can sue you to court of law.
So let get use of So rules.

The 6 Rules Of So

Rule 1

1} So may, at one time, be a conjunction, linking two clauses together and, at another, be an adverb of degree. So candidates should be very careful enough to determine So function whenever it is used in a particular sentence.
When so is used as a conjunction in a sentence, the only function it performs is that it links the two clauses together as it introduces an adverbial phrase or clause of results.

It is raining so I am going home.
In the statement above, so links it is raining and I am going home together and it also introduces the result of the raining: "I am going home".
Meaning that, the subject wouldn't have go home if it hadn't been raining.

That is the first rule, now let get the second.

Rule 2

2} Whenever so is used to show the degree to which something happens, it is compulsory in the use of English Language that such a clauses be followed by a that.

For example:
He is so handsome - wrong
"He is so handsome" to what extent or degree.

So the statement above can be completed by adding adverbial phrase or clause.

He is so handsome, that everybody loves him. Do you now understand.
Let get the third rule of So.

Rule 3

3} Whenever there is no so or such, avoid the that clause usage.
For example,
It is wrong to say:
He is handsome, that everybody loves him.
But instead you say:

He is so handsome, that everybody loves him - just like me {LOL}.

Rule 4

4} Whenever, very or too is used in a statement to show degree, the statement cannot have an adjoining that clause.

For example:
It is wrong to say,
a) He is too playful that he injured himself instead you'll say:
He is too playful to the extent that he injured himself. {And besides, too is a negativity word: what that sentence is truly saying is that "he is gentle"}

It is also wrong to say:
b) Mary was very kind that she appreciated me.
If you know that you're already used to this mistakes, the best method, is not to use it at all.

Rule 5

5} Another word that behaves like So as a degree adverb is such.
So meaning, such can also be used in lieu to so in a sentence or statement.

She is such a nice girl that I will not like to lose.

And please note that: it usually appears as such a or such an, not just as such.

And the last but not the least, yea Use Of So only contains 6 rules, compare to concord with 24 rules

Rule 6

6} Whenever, you have so + adjective + a or an, you should avoid using a that clause with it.

For example:
It is wrong to say:

a) Mary is so pretty a lady that every guy admires, but instead you'll say,
Mary is such a pretty lady that every guy admires.


Mary, such pretty a lady that every guy admires.

And voilla..., those are the rules of use of so in a statement or sentence, now let get five or more examples before we call it a day.

Questions On The 6 Rules Of So

a} Aids is ( ) disease that kills slowly but surely.

a)such deadly a
b) very deadly
c) so deadly
d)too much deadly
e) such deadly.

Hint: use rule 6
What does the sixth rule of use of so says: "whenever you have so + adjective + a or an, you should avoid using that clause with it.

Hence, the correct answer is a - such deadly a,

So the full sentence can now be written as:
Aids is such deadly a disease that kills slowly but surely.

Question 2

2} There was ( ) much noise last night that we couldn't sleep.

a) such
b) very
c) such a
d) so
e) that

Hint: use rule 2

What does the second rule of use of so says: " whenever so is used to show degree to which something happens, it is compulsory that such a clause be followed by a that.

So to solve this question, you first need to determine how many clauses are present in the statement, yea it is two, now rule it out.

Clause 1: There was ( ) much noise last night....
That is the first clause,

we couldn't sleep....
And that is the second clause, it is the that, that joins the two clauses together and hence a so need to be introduced in the first statement. So pick the answer yourself.

Now let get a little bit confusing,

Question 3

3} The angry woman shouted and cursed in language ( ) shocking for words.

a) too
b) very
c) so
d) quite
e) far

Most candidates will go for option a, well you are 100% wrong.

You see in the use of English language, there is something called inability or negative quality.
For example, use of too,
Too is a word that is used to express negative quality of something, for example: when you say "he is too tall, what you simply say is that, he is a short person - hence negativity. It just like you are whining someone,
"Oh yea, he is too brilliant" and at the back of your mind you know that, what you are trying to express is how dumb the person is, but on the other hand "very" can express a positive or negative quality.{I will explain about "too and very" usage later}

So simply our answer is not Too nor Very but So.

So, The angry woman shouted and cursed in language so shocking for words.

If we choose too as our answer, then what we saying is that the angry woman is cursing in good words or manner, now ask yourself, does that sound right? I even find it difficult typing it. Same thing applies to very, very could even mean the same thing, "the angry woman is cursing in bad language and also in good language" is that even possible? Even looking at the word curse, it's already shows negativity.

Now to question 4.

Question 4

4} He was ( ) weak ( ) he could not climb the stairs.

a) so/when
b) very/that
d) so/that
e) such/that.

Hint: use rule 2
I don't need to emphasizes more on this, just use rule 2,
yea the answer is d
Then the statement can now be written as below:

"He was so weak that he could not climb the stairs."

Question 5

5} She is so credulous ( ) my myth story.

a) in order believing
b) that she believes
c) to believe
d) since she believes
e) such believes

Hint: use rule 2

She is so credulous....{clause 1}
To what extent?
To that{conjunction} she believes my myth story{clause 2}

She is so credulous that she believes my myth story.

And we have come to end on the 6 rules of "So" and I think that five examples should be enough to know the use of "so" in English language, now it your time to answer some questions. C'mon it's just two to three questions: I guarantee, not more than that.


1} There were so many children ( )

a) than she could feed them all
b) that she couldn't feed them all
c) that she couldn't feed
d) that she could feed

Hint: use rule 2

To cheap right? Well try this one.

Question 2

This writer analyses the evils of the society ( )

a) in so masterly a way
b) very masterly
c) so masterly
d) in a masterly way
e) in such a masterly way

Hint: use rule 5

3} The hill behind the town was so steep ( )

a) that no man could find a foot-hold on it.
b) that no man could find foot-hold on
c) than any man to find a foot-hold on it
d) for any man to find a foot-hold on.
e) for no man to find a foot-hold on it.

Hint: use rule 2

Submit your answers through the comment box please...
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