Separation Techniques

techniques for separating mixtures

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Separation Techniques
Or Methods.

Separation techniques are methods used to separate a mixture involving only physical means and it depends on the physical properties of the components of the mixture.

What am saying is : Separation techniques are only used to separate physical combine mixture.

Solution, Solute And Solvent

I hope we all know that mixture is a solution, and a solution is a mixture of solute and solvent,

The solute is the substance or mixture that dissolve in liquid to form a solution,top↑

That liquid in which you dissolve the solute is the solvent.
And the only universal solvent is water, because it can dissolve mostly all solute.

Note : please note that point above, water is a universal solvent because it dissolve mostly all solute.

Other key points you should also know under this topic are soluble and insoluble,

Soluble substances are substances that fully dissolve in water without any undissoved molecules,

Insoluble substances are substances that cannot dissolve in water or that dissolve partially in↑

Let start with filtration ;

Filtration As A Separating Techniques

1] Filtration : is the method or techniques use to separate an insoluble solid from a liquid by using a FILTER from the word FILTRATION.

The Filter used is made up of a special paper known as filter paper and a filter funnel,

I believe we all know what a funnel is? And if you don't just find a plastic bottle and cut it into half, the half with the mouth is the funnel, and if you don't also know what a beaker is, the other half of the cut bottle look similar to a beaker.

Separation Of Water And Sand

Eg sand mixed with water,
To separate sand from water, you will need a funnel and also a filter paper.
You will fold the filter paper into cone and put it inside the funnel,
a cone is like turning a funnel upside down by placing it to face down,top↑


After placing the coned filter paper in the funnel, you will place the filter funnel into a flask or any container and pour the sand solution into the filter paper, a drip of liquid will be seen dropping from the funnel after a while, that liquid dropping below is called the FILTRATE while the solid present in the filter funnel after all the liquid has drop is called the RESIDUE.
Other mixture that can be separated by this method are,
(1)a suspension of chalk in water, that is, dissolving of chalk in water,
(2) A mixture of garri (casava flakes) and water.
(3) it is also used to separate precipitate from solution. You will know more about this when will got to Precipitation as a separating↑

(3) before the existence of sachet water, we used to buy a type of water similar to sachet water in the olden days, they used to call it ICE WATER one naira or how much they sell it back then? That water are purify by filtration methods with a filter, that looks like a net but with a small or so tiny holes.

(4) It is also use in the treatment of sewage.

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