My Fundamental Human Rights And Roles Of National Assembly

my fundamental human rights and roles of national assembly

Fundamental Human Rights

Right of life.

Equality before the law.

Right to Liberty.

Right of Association.

Right to Fair Hearing.

Right to Education.

Right to Vote and to be Voted for in an Election.

Right to own a Property.

Right to Private Family life.

Right to Religion of choice and conscience.

Freedom from Slavery.

Freedom of Assembly.

Freedom of Movement.

Freedom of Expression.

Freedom from↑

A suspect is assumed to be innocent until pronounced guilty by court of law.

Roles and functions of national assembly

Functions And Roles Of The National Assembly In Nigeria

Functions Of The National Assembly In Nigeria's Sencond Republic Presidential System.

a] Law making or enactment.

b] Approval of important appointments of the President.

c] Revenue allocation among the levels of government.

d] Creation of new states.

e] Appropriate of funds.

f] Impeachment of executive and judicial officers.

g] Amending the constitution.

h] Approval of the government policies.

I] Approval of the declaration of state of war and emergency.

j] Powers of investigation and public hearings on petitions

k] Ratification of↑

Nigeria National Holidays

NATIONAL DAY : October, 1st.

NEW YEAR DAY : January, 1st.

CHRISTMAS DAY : December, 25th.

BOXING DAY : December, 26th.

EASTER MONDAY : No specific date.

GOOD Friday : March, 21st.

ID-EL-KABIR : No specific date.

ID-EL-MAULUD : No specific date.

ID-EL-FTRI : No specific date.

DEMOCRACY : May, 29th.


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