Important And Why Study Government

Important of government

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Important Of Government

a] Political Functions : Government maintains stable political atmosphere and regulate political activities.

This imply that;
Government must be able to conduct a periodic free and fair elections to ensure smooth and peaceful change of government.

b] Law making and execution : Government must be able to make law, adjust law and execute it.

c] Economic functions : Government has the responsibility of regulating economic activities in order to protect the economy and ensure economic growth and development through a careful economic planning and execution and also maintain stable political atmosphere by regulating political↑

d] Defense of the country : Government established and equip a standing armed forces in order to defend the country from external aggression and internal insurrection and to maintain the territorial integrity of the country.

e] Maintenance of Law and Order : Government must be able to maintain law, peace and order.
It is in a bid to carry out this function that the police and Law Courts are established and equipped.

f] Maintaining External Relations : Government has the responsibility to establish and maintain external relations with friendly nations, by establishing embassies and high commissions and maintain the country ambassadors and high commissioners to take charge of them.

g] Protection of Lives and Property : It a duty of Government to protect lives and property of its all people living in the country (not only the citizens).
The police force and Law courts carry out this function of protecting lives and property of the people living in the↑

h] Provision of Employment Opportunities : It also the duty of government to provide job to its citizens.
This is why some countries pay unemployment allowance to the citizens for whom government failed to provide gainful employment.

I] To Administer justice : it is the duty of Law Court which is an arm of government to settle disputes and administer justice.
That is why prisons are established to punish the offenders and criminals.

j] Provision of Social Services : it is the duty of the government to provide social services and amenities.
Amenities like Hospitals, electricity, good roads, construction of schools building and pipe borne water, etc, to the citizens especially from the taxes the citizens pay.

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important Of StudyingGovernment

a] Citizens with sound knowledge of government will be liberated from political ignorance and make them to understand why government of their country belongs to some international organizations.

b] Study of government supports the practice of democracy and the rule of law.

c] Study of government develop an inquisitive and highly philosophical and logical thinking mind.

d] Study of government widens the political education and the political horizon of the citizens.

e] Study of government prepares the citizens to take active part in government of the country as a personnel and administrative↑

f] Study of government puts the citizens in a position to defend their fundamental human rights when violated.

Read Fundamental Human Rights here

g] Study of government teachers the citizens their rights, duties and their obligations as a citizens of the country.

h] Study of government teachers the citizens the type of government system adopted in their country, the implications of such government system and to understand the system.

I] Study of government stimulates the interest and the curiosity of the citizens in the activities of government thereby preventing the emergence of tyranny and dictatorship.

j] Study of government inculcates the spirit of nationalism and patriotism in the↑

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