How To Read And Understand

Hello candidates, how have you been? we just finished a research on why some students try so hard to study but yet still perform woefully in there examination. Couple of weeks ago, we recommend an ebook on how students can improve their grades performance, we do this so has to help students improve their grade performance.
During our research, it was discovered that most or majority of students doesn't know how to read and understand. More than 50% of students just try to read and that's all.
In this class session, we are going explain to you how to read and understand.

how to read and understand

Is Reading Difficult Or Easy

Try and read this, it a long story but am sure you will gain something after reading it.

Many students think reading is hard, that is, it is difficult but am telling you, it is not, reading is very easy, it just that most student doesn't know how, when and where to read.

Most mistake that students make is that they will only start reading when they have exam or quickly jump into conclusion, when they are reading and instead of understanding what they are reading they are not so they will think and agree that they can't do this.

How To Read

Reading is like hustling, when you are struggling it really difficult but when you achieve your aim and goal, everything we start falling through.

Some student when they are reading, they will be feeling dizzy, weakening and feeling reluctant, that reluctant part is SATAN, when you are feeling dizzy or weakening, first check you position, if you are lying down and you are expecting to be getting what you are reading am telling you, you are deceiving↑

We all know to lie down is part of relaxing,
That what most student doesn't understand they think reading is just.... , am here telling you reading is like working and if you see someone blabbing that reading is a simple task, that reading is easy, just look at the person and laugh because even if you ask a brilliant student that, is reading easy or difficult? he or she will tell you that reading is difficult than what you think but it get easier as long as you are doing it frequently.

Do you know reading is difficult than washing dishes or washing clothes?
If you think you have muscular strength, try reading and see how it will work out for you.

What am trying to say is that reading is MENTALLY not physically, the only thing you are using most when reading is your BRAIN, now tell me when you are washing dishes or doing any work do you really use your BRAIN,
You are already picturing it right, lol.

So before you can know how to read, you need to know how it works for instance now, if you are not taught how to wash dishes will you know how to? NO, but you do because you know what to do,and how to do it.
For student that just start reading don't be deceived at first, just keep trying, suspend other things for now, even if you have to suspend your social life, do suspend it, you can always catch up with it later. like I said, it like hustling,

First you need to remove all thought that says " I will only read when I have exam or when my examination are getting closer. START READING TODAY. It will not only help you prepare better for your examination but also improve your learning skills which will definitely leads to an improvement in your grades performance

For Nigerian Students : if you are seeking for admission into Nigeria Universities, this is a compulsory post for you - Admission Procedure into Nigeria Universities.

Can I Ever Understand Reading

To me everybody have a potential to be as little as brilliant they can be.

Most students will say that "my brain can't just assimilate anything, that their brain is not capable of reading" but here is the question, your brain is not capable of reading, but you have every Adele's and Drake's lyrics in your head, are you telling me that student that are brilliant have different brain from yours or their own brain are extraordinary, No, It just that they make use of it by utilizing it, not only to affairs but also to reading which you can also do, it never to late, your brain is like you, whenever you eat you grow so is also your brain whenever you read or do any technical task with you brain, you brain also expands [Not in size but in mighty] because i don't want my face on the front, above the fold of any newspaper saying, uncle ASAP said whenever I cram something or perform any task with my brain, it will become↑

Look For Your Stability

So to the best approach to how to read and understand, you first need to find yourself an ANCHOR that's STABILITY
Find out when or where you are comfortable, for everybody we all need silent place to read but some people can't read where it is too silent,
Like i myself, I can't read where it is too silent but I need where is silent to read so I will switch on my fan to produce a background noise and sit upright, but not everybody that's works for, do yourself a little favour, find yours, i can guarantee that your learning skills will improve if keep reading everyday and definitely will your grade performance, also don't be discouraged about the outcome result on the first day you start reading, remember Rome was not built in a day. In order to jump-start your assimilation skills, we have provide a list on recommended academic materials for students - check the list, to see and obtain the materials applicable to you. Also, there is a class session review on Top Ten Coursera Courses Review For 2018 - also review the list, to see and obtain the ones applicable to you.

How To Recall What You Have Read

If you are forgetting what you are reading easily that mean you just starts reading ,I will advise you to reduce your play time and focus on more reading for now because if you have been reading for a long time you won't be forgetting what you are reading easily, and even if you does you will still have an idea of the situation and that idea is the real deal " some people will understand what am saying there " and if you have been reading for a while now, you will know how to schedule yourself for when to read and when to play. No self praise here, but am one of the best students in my department and yet i still keep my social life.

Personal Additional Tips

One of the things that helped me and still helping me is that i used to respect what people above me says, i use to heed to their advice.
The major thought of all students is that, they have all necessary materials to succeed in their academic career, but the answer is No, a big No, indeed. Internet is one of the best thing that has ever happened to the world, so utilize it very well. There are tons of online platform that have already-made materials ready for students to improve their academic performance of which is one of it. But there are still more, where one of them is Coursera - Coursera has courses on any thing related to you gain knowledge that you can think of, just check it out to see their courses. Another materials is Grammarly, this is tool inform of mobile and desktop applications which you can use to improve your vocabulary speaking and writing. We have a full list on all recommended academic materials needed by you to succeed in your academic career.

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