How To Pass 2018 Utme Test

After you have read my post advice on which school should you fill for 2018 utme test, it is time you should also know how to pass the examination I.e how to pass 2018 utme test, and also after gaining admission you should also know how to obtain good grades in school. If you have already gain admission or you don't need this class session just obtain the ebook on How To Score Better Grades In School here now, thanks.

how to pass 2017 utme test

So let get started, as we all already know that the only way to pass any examination is by reading, meaning that, a hardworking candidate should pass his or her examination, but in Nigeria, reading is not enough.

In this Nigeria that we are, we have seen a very brilliant candidate that sat for jamb examination and fail and likewise have seen a candidate that is as dumb as fish head and yet still pass the examination.

This is exactly what trigger's me to write this post.
Let me tell you why, apart from my own personal experience on Nigeria examination. Last year, I mean 2016 a particular candidate score 98 in biology and she herself, open up that, she could never score that mark as high to that in biology.

Before a candidate could open up that he or she cannot have a distinction in a particular subject, then such candidate know that it is on rare occasion before he or she could pass that particular subject not to talk of having distinction. Learn How To Score Better Grades In School

Let practicalize this, if you are expecting a B+ in a particular subject, then having A shouldn't surprise you.
Likewise, if you are expecting a credit in a particular subject, having B shouldn't surprise you that much.
But if you are expecting to fail a particular subject like you are expecting a low credit like C6 or D7 then having a distinction should be so astonished.

This particular candidate is a close friend of mine and I know her academic level on biology, "she only likes chemistry and English language" any other subject is like a magic to her face.

And yet in her chemistry and English she scored 55 & 57 respectively. #IMAGINE#
So now you see. And this is the reason why you need an advice on "How To Pass 2018 Utme Test", so first let talk about common errors that candidates make alot. #especially the brilliant ones"

How To Pass 2018 Utme Test

As we all already know that reading is the only way to pass an examination. But let talk about how to pass in Nigeria general, especially Jamb a.k.a Utme.
After you have prepare yourself for the examination, the next is to be ready for the D-Day. So let look at what happen in the examination hall and common errors.

Common Errors That Could Leads To Failure In 2018 Utme

As a candidate that has prepare him or herself, will be full with some anxiety and be anticipating the examination questions so bad. #Only the non-prepared candidates fear examination#.
Trust me, when you have read and prepare for an examination you will be happy and be wishing that the examination is over already.

Bottom line: this anxiety which you have in you might affect you performance and concentration during the test. So first thing first, Calm Down Yourself And Overcome The Anxiety because if you don't, you might find it difficult to think straight just because your anxiety has overcome you.

Haven't you ever witness a brilliant candidate saying "I was unable to write anything during the test". #it happens alot: especially to the brilliant ones#

I mean a candidate that hasn't prepare for the examination, "what do you expect him or her to focus on, like where do you want such candidate to place his or her focus. Oh yea On cheating or in other words "Giraffine"

You know as such candidate, like you solve number one question, was too easy, number two, too easy, number three............

Don't be deceived by this when writing your jamb examination.
Like you solve your first subject was too easy, second subject too easy, third, same memo and on the fourth, you're just like have been solving the question and everything looks alright, that you should leave other or some question un-answered.

Many candidates make this stupid mistake
First ask yourself this question, what makes you so sure that all the questions that you have been solving are all correct, yea it looks like your answer are present in the answer options. #Don't Do This: Especially In Utme Test#

And besides even if all the questions that you have been solving are all correct, you still don't leave some questions un-answered. Besides who tell you that they are all correct, Oh, your instinct, c'mon...

Currently now in Nigeria, after your O'level result, which I stressed very much in this post your next tangible credentials is your Jamb a.k.a your Utme result.
If you have read my post on which school should you fill for 2018 utme test , you will see that I stressed it that, if you can score 300 or above in 2018 utme test, you should, that no one will penalize you for that, because there is no post utme to back up your results but PSO a.k.a point system option.

So have it in mind that, Ones you have a solid O'level result and score up to 250 in Utme {if you choose high courses such as medicine} then you could relax {while praying powerfully} and be expecting your admission alert.

LOL : A candidate was asked that: what course do you want to study? And he says : Meee- Diii- Siniin "Medicine"

But if you choose not too complex courses such as Agriculture, then ones you have solid O'level result, you can still gain admission if you score 200 something like 210 downward or even 200 sharp.

I have a particular candidate that score 198 in 2016 utme test and still gain admission to study agriculture. #but the candidate has solid O'level result.

Overall Statement

It actually depends on your choose of institution, I also have a particular candidate: this past 2016, that score 237 in jamb and have solid O'level result, "the candidate has either A or B in his result, even in Yoruba that every candidates fail [I think this will be someother day topic "Why Do Candidates Fail Their Native Language Course"], so as I was saying, the candidate wasn't given admission into University Of Ibadan to study electrical engineering a.k.a Elect Elect, because of the course cutoff mark and the candidate score 68%. #Do understand now# that 68% can study pharmacy in some institution.

The Final And The Most Important Thing

As you already know the final thing as Prayer, just pray and don't shot your mouth. When you heard that, someone knows about admission processes, then don't hesitate to confront such person and tender your issue like a playing card.

Ok that all, you just read a post on "How To Pass 2018 Utme Test or Basically How To Pass An Examination, then this course will the best for you - the course explain how to obtain good grades in school. "don't you have any questions? Like what if my test is not utme, well we're listening via the comment box. Also please, hit that sharing button, thank you.

Yes I haven't forget our proposed topic, "Why Do Candidates Fail Their Native Language Course" which should be out in couple of weeks or less. Ones again, thank you and don't hesitate to obtain that ebook on how to improve how to your grade performance.
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