Government Definition

government definition

Definition And The Meaning Of Government

First what is government or what is the meaning or definition of government
Government Definition is simply define as a system by which a particular set of people control the affairs of a state or a community by the use of enforced policies inorder to create or assure a peaceful and conducive state.

Government As An Institution Of The States

Government as an institution of the state : it is an agency or a machinery through which the will of the state is formulated, expressed and↑

Formation of government;

Formation of government : from the definition of government, government was declared as a result of people coming together and living together to form a society.
People's individual differences that will give rise to the display of man's heartless act, wickedness, selfish interest, conflict of opinion will declared and other act by man, etc.

If there is no agency or a body to regulate people's activities, then the society will degenerate to PRIMITIVE SOCIETY as stated by Thomas↑

Primitive Society

Primitive society : it is the The Society where life was poor, nasty, solitary, short and brutish.
To prevent primitive society and confusion in a society, people will have to surrender their natural rights to individual self-government to GOVERNMENT.
And the government which is an established body of persons is settled or vested with the authority and power to regulate, rule, control and protect the people of the↑

Art Of Governing

Art of governing : is defined as a body or an agency vested with the power and authority for maintaining stability, peace, enforcing conventional and fundamental laws and security in a given state or society through the implementation and formation of policies and laws enforcement in a state or society.

Simply, Art of governing is the regulation of citizens activities, behavior and guide the affairs of the society or the state.

In order for the art of governing to be more effective and efficient, that is , in order for people to obey and abide with art of governing, government was divided into three main organs,top↑

NOTE : This three organs perfom different roles but complementary functions and they are;
(1) Organs Of The Government (The Legislature)
(2) The Executive and,
(3) The judiciary.

I will explain this better on our next topic, but for now let deal with the introduction of government definition.

Government As An Academic Field Of Study

Government as an academic field of study : is defined as the study of political, dynamics, agencies and institutions of The State
It can also be defined as looking into the relationship between these institutions concerned in the steering of the affairs of the state and the function of the state and also the study of international organizations of which the relationship between the state and other states in the world state and has membership.

Government also be define as a study enlighten citizens to take part in art of governance of their state.

Government is also called political science or simply↑

Reason Why Government Is An Academic Field Of Study

a] Government is regarded as a school discipline because government borrows ideas from philosophers like Thomas Hobbes, Aristole, Rousseau, John Locke, Plato and Karl Marx etc.

b] Government makes use of scientific tools and statistics to carry out its researches and analysis.

c] Government specialize in our tertiary institutions areas like local government administration, international relations, comparative politics, political thoughts, public administration and political science.

d] Government borrows ideas from well established disciplines like philosophy, sociology, law, economics and↑

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Attributes Of Government

a] Law : A government should have fundamental rules and regulations that should regulate the behaviours of its citizens.
These law that embodied a constitution is known as the rights and the obligations of the citizens and the government.

b] Public Support : All types of government including military rule need public support to legitimize their existence.
Public Support guarantee a conducive atmosphere for effective functioning of the government.

c] Political Power : One essential attributes of a government is the possession of political power to enable the government to influence the citizens and execute its policies.

d] Welfare Services : A government most be able to provide social services to the citizens, in order to improve the citizens welfare and standard of living.

e] personnel : Government possesses team of qualified personnel who are responsible for law making and execution, and also for interpretation and punishment of lawbreakers.

f] Revenue : A government must have efficient fund in order to execute its↑

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Let stop here for today next class will be on Functions of government.

Session Summary

a] Government is define as people controlling affairs of a state through enforced policy.
b] Government as an institution is an agency of a state through which the will of the state is formulated and attained.
c] Government as an academic study is defined as the study of political, dynamics, agencies and institutions of a state and its interactions with international organizations which enlightens the mentality and the awareness of people about the government in the state.
d] Art of governing are the agency vested with the power and authority for steering the affairs of the state.
e] Primitive Society is a society where life was poor, dangerous, brutish and densely↑

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