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Geography Introduction Town And Village

Geography Introduction

Geography : is the description of the earth and the study of man and its environment.
Geo means earth, Graphy means describe.

Geography was derived from the greek word, geo meaning of earth and graph meaning description, hence, geography can be said to be the description of the earth.

Geography describe about earth, its features, inter relationship between man and his environment as well as interpretation of events that occur in man's environment, it measures the size, the shape and the movement of man and other heavily bodies, land masses, bodies of the water and climate vegetation as well as spatial description of animals and↑

Value Of Geography

a] Contribute to the balance development of the individual.

b] Geography provides better understanding and interpretation of the world realities.

c] Geography also performs regional planning census, war prose, teaching consultance and services, research, general administration and co operate management, etc.

Local Geography

Local Geography : is the study of our locality involving physical and cultural features.

Physical Features

Physical features includes : Mountain, hills, valley, rivers, forest and streams.

Culture Features

while cultural features includes, churches, mosque, market,↑

Local Government Area

Local government area is the smallest unit of government .
For example, in the federation of Nigeria, there are 774 local government areas in Nigeria.
Each local government is made up of a combination of towns and villages, however, there are some that are located in town. Each local government performe some basic functions, such as;

Functions Of Local Government

1] Local government provides social amenities

2] Provision of educational facilities

3] Provision of security for lives and properties

4] Creating environment to attract commercial activities as well as industrial growth of the↑

The Administration Of The Local Government

The Administration of local government are in the hand of three distinct arms of government.
Which are, The executive, the legislature and the judiciary.

a] The Executive are made up of his Chairman, his vice and his secretary to local government, other members are supervising counsellors.

b] TheLegislative arm or The Legislature are made up of the elected counsellor. They are responsible for making laws that guide the relationship between and among the people.

c] The Judiciaryare made up of the court of the local level, they are responsible for all cases that has to do with matters relating to the custom and tradition of the↑

Full article on Organs Or Arms Of The Government

The Village

A village is a small, which may be either dispersed or nucleated or liner rural settlement.

Characteristics Of A Village

1] It is a relatively small area with socially homogeneous people that interact with one another.

2] The people have the same cultural background and language.

3] It consists of only few buildings with few hundreds of people.

4] The village is generally with primary activities like farming, hunting, fishing and lumbering and other cultural work.

5] The village has few social amenities and the lifestyle is simple and quiet.

6] Availability of agricultural↑

7] There is less criminal activities.

Functions Of Village

1] Agricultural Functions : Farming is the major occupation of the people in the village, hence, they produce and make food to be readily available for human consumption.

2] Provision of Raw materials: it is the village that produces raw materials to the industries and company eg leather materials, cotton etc.

3] Construction purposes : Village with forest are involved in lumbering, which is the felling down of trees, leading to the productions of planks, timber and wood for construction purposes.

4] Provision Of Fund To The Government : The village produce high revenue and income to the government when their products are been sell by the government.
Village produces farm products for the government to sell to other countries demanding for↑

5] Reduces Town Congestion : presence of village reduces the population congestion in the town.

6] Employment opportunities : the village provides employment to the youth, not only to work on the farm but also as the middle man between them and the government in time of business execution with the government.


A town is a large nucleated urban settlement.

Characteristics Of A Town

1] A town consists of socially heterogeneous people which do not know one another very well with different lifestyle and personal contact.

2] A town is a large settlement in habiting thousands of families of different cultural backgrounds and↑

3] Town possesses abundant social amenities and well infrastructural services, e.g electricity, pipe borne water security and other necessary amenities.

4] People in the town are engaged in secondary and tertiary activities such as manufacturing, construction and other service oriented jobs.

5] Towns are made up of many buildings with thousands of people living in it.

6] Town possesses superb arrangement for modern health care in hospitals and clinics.

7] Town are highly populated which leads to high crime↑

8] Town possesses well developed commercial centers e.g banks and insurance company and other self or government organizations.

Functions Of Town

1] Commercial And Industrial Function : Due to the presence of large markets, industries and companies, it enables people in the town to be able to participate in commercial, trading and manufacturing activities.

2] Production Function: Due to the presence of industries, the people engage in production of goods and services.

3] Residential Function: Due to the large influence of people into the town, the need therefore arises to build residential houses to cope with ever increasing coming of people into the↑

4] Social-Cultural Function : Towns are centers for establishment of higher institutions and other amenities, such as, universities, polytechnics, hotels, radio and television stations, etc.

Interdependence Of Village And Town On Each Other

Interdependence Of Village On Town

1] The village depends on towns for manufacturing the farm products.

2] The village depends on towns for administration.

3] The village depends on towns for higher education.

4] The village depends on towns for improvement and extension of agriculture↑

5] The village depends on towns for innovation and new ideas.

Interdependence Of Town On Village

1] The town depends on the village for Food and raw materials.

2] The town depends on the village for tuber and local herbs.

3] The town depends on the village for fresh farm products and wildlife.

4] The town depends on the village for preservation of their↑

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