Basic Motion in physics

Hello students, our topic for today on physics is basic motion definition and also an ebook on the class session which will be reveal during and at end of the class session, so stick around.

basic motion definition


a] Motion : is the visible movement of an object from one place to another which is caused by an applied force.
There are two words associated with Motion which are DYNAMICS and KINEMATICS.



Dynamics : is the study of an object in motion and the forces applied to it.
That is, it is the study of an object moving and the force that put the object into motion



Kinematics : is the study of only an object in motion.
That is, it is the study of an object, only when it is in motion. I.e not talking about the force applied. Obtain This Ebook On Motion,
Force and Gravity
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Types Of Motion

We have five types of motion, Random motion, Translational or linear motion, oscillatory or vibratory motion, Rotational motion and circular motion, those are the five motion that we have,

Now let analyse it one by one,
Let start with Random motion

Random Motion

a] Random motion : from the word random, Random motion is the movement of an object with no specific direction or it is a zig-zag motion. E.g

(1) The movement of an insect,
(2) the movement of gas molecules or the movement of pollen particles and also,
(3) the movement of woman in the↑

Translational Or Linear Motion

b] Translational or linear motion : what does linear mean in physics? It mean moving in a straight line,
So linear motion is the movement of an object in a straight line as a result of force applied. Linear motion is also called displacement motion.

E.g (1) A moving car.
(2) A person pushing trolley in a supermarket from one point to another along a straight line.
(3) A boy going to school.
(4) A woman pushing her baby's pram (baby trolley) from one point to another along a straight line.

Oscillatory Or Vibratory Motion

c] Oscillatory or Vibratory motion : it is the movement of a body about a fixed point repeating itself in an equal intervals of time along the same↑

E.g(1) The to and fro movement of a swinging pendulum bob.
(2) The to and fro movement of the wings of a flying bird.
(3) The motion of a plucked guiter spring or violin.
(4) The to and fro movement of a vertical motion of a suspended helical spring.
(5) The to and fro of a loaded test tube.

NOTE : in physics to and fro means TO and FROM not TO and FLOW.

Rotational Motion

d] Rotational motion : from the word rotate : it is the movement of an object or body that moves in a circle or ellipse and rotates about an axis.

E.g (1) The rotation of a fan blades about a fixed↑

Circular Motion

e] Circular motion : from the word circle, it is the movement of a body or an object in a circle at a constant speed.

E.g (1) The motion of the moon and the sun round the earth.

Here is the ebook i mentioned above, the ebook explain everything on motion, forces and gravity, just everything you need to know. Obtain the ebook here

Let stop here today, I would have treated Motion under the influence of gravity and law of motion with this topic but there are some topics that you as to be understand before analyzing law of motion and motion under gravity, topics like speed, velocity and acceleration and also what a force is. our next class will be on What are forces.

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