Admission Procedure Into Nigeria Universities [2018 Updates]

As of lately, it has been very difficult for candidates in Nigeria to gain admission into nigeria universities of his or her choice, in this post, I'll explained everything on admission procedure into nigeria universities.

Admission Procedure into Nigeria Universities

Admission Procedure Into Nigeria Universities

About Me

First, my name is Azeez Warith Olakunle, am an undergraduate student at Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (Funaab) studying computer science. Like to know more about me click About Me

If you are looking for the right admission procedures, I think am worthy enough to put you through because I graduated from secondary school in 2013 and gained admission into funaab in 2016 so am more than just familiar with↑

I don't know about world or other part of Africa but in Nigeria, gaining admission is like catching flies in the sky.

First, my experience with admission;

I graduated from one of the public school in ibadan, Apata Community Grammar School (A.C.G.S), A.C.G.S !!!!! Community!!!!!!, I wrote my first O'level examination when I was in SS3 in 2013 which is WAEC,
In my first WAEC result, I have 5 F9's, 2 D7's, 1 E8 and 1 Credit, check the screenshot below,top↑

My Waec result

I won't say am one of the dumbest or one of the smartest student in my class, but I know am worthy enough to be called a science student back then. Will you like to read my post on how to read How to read and understand

But do you know what was surprising about A.C.G.S. 2013 WAEC results, out of 500+ candidates that sat for the examination, none, of us make both English language and mathematics. It's either you pass one and fail the other or both and the best grade we could have there is credit, some of us even have 8 F9's and one E8, like my geography teacher Mr Ola GOD bless you sir will say, it is E8 that spoil his result, thinking that what he meant was that, the candidates would have make all his 9 subjects but was spoiled by 1 subject, No what he meant was that the candidate would have have 9 F9's but one E8 interrupted the result, in my NECO result same 2013 I make 5 subjects but didn't make English language and chemistry, although English language is my worst subject but physics, mathematics and chemistry, are you kidding me, am good at it and I know that. top↑

Some people in Nigeria, that have sit for any examination in Nigeria will have understood this, because as students failing in public secondary school so are many making their results in private school in one sitting, you should understand what I mean by that, "not everything can be expressed online" but am 100% sure that you can't tell me that you don't know why private school candidates are making their results in one sit than public school candidates, not because they are brilliant ( majority of them are not even brilliant) but because........ you know what. Fortunately I made my O'level result the preceding↑

In 2014 I wrote my first Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) I scored 203, see the screenshot below,

My 2014 jamb result

and I choose University Of Ilorin as my first choice, but I wasn't as brilliant as I taught I was or am not one of the lucky guy because I scored 48% in their post Utme examination, I wasn't discouraged or depressed, you know why, because it's my first sitting and I also taught am brilliant, oh yea, am brilliant, but to gain admission into Nigeria is not only been brilliant but with some other features which I will explain before the end of↑

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Past Participle
In 2015, academically alot of things happened to me,
In 2015, I scored 195 in Jamb, which I know it can never be possible on the surface of the earth, see the screenshot below;

My 2015 jamb result

I was so depressed that I wanted to quit schooling because I put all my efforts in reading my books and covering the syllabus, big shout out to one of my favorite tutors, "Uncle tayo" GOD bless you he was the one that get me back on board, I choose University Of Ibadan as my first choice but due to my score I have to obtain changing of institution form, and i changed my first choice school to Unilorin and this is when things get even more complicated and↑

I obtained Unilorin post utme form

My Unilorin post utme form

and sat for the examination, I scored 60% out of 100% in the examination, I was very happy about my score, not because I scored 60% but because the examination questions was 90% English language ( my worst subject) and I managed to score 60%. Even whenever I sat for any examination, people always expect 70% and above from me. Will you like to read The Rules Of Concord in English↑

After scoring 60% in the examination, I have already started packing and saving money, "you know now" jonzie things.
If you choose Unilorin as your first choice be aware that Unilorin screening is Current Affairs

The first admission list came out, my name was not there, I was like, it is the first list jor that "the list is for remedia candidates",top↑

2nd list came out, still my name wasn't on the list, now feeling a little bit terrifying,

3rd list came out, still no Azeez warith olakunle, more terrifying,

And lastly, the fourth list, at this time, I don't know what to do, " in Africa we believe in charms and magic" so at this point, I taught I have been catapulted.
I don't know what to do because I passed the examination but I wasn't given the admission.

Do you choose Unilorin as your first choice, read the Unilorin past questions

In 2016 I obtained another jamb form and I sat for the examination with panicking and fear that I will fail or if I passed I will not be given admission, below is my jamb result sent to me by jamb;top↑

Azeez Warith Olakunle,
Your UTME 2015/2016 score is 197.
VERIFY and Print your result at
I don't know what to do when I first saw this message.
That message was sent on 01/03/2016, I received another message from jamb on 02/03/2016

Azeez Warith Olakunle,
Your UTME 2015/2016 score is 237.
VERIFY and Print your result at

I was more than happier when I saw that message, although I know I should score more than 237 but as soon as I set my eyes on 2.. something, I started thanking GOD that at least it is up to 200. And that is how I proceeded to admission processes and all that, and lucky I gained↑

With all this experience I think am worthy enough to advise you on admission processes.

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Admission Screening Procedure

O'level result

If you have straight credit in your O'level result, you should be having a doubt but not to scare you.
In 2016, alot has changed about admission, before, after Jamb is post utme, but now after jamb is screening while some school don't screen their candidates. For example, Federal University Of Technology Akure (FUTA) Futa didn't screen their 2016/2017 admission candidates, they just give them admission based on their O'level and jamb result. While some schools like Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Ile Ife says, "Don't come for any screening or examination, we will inform you if you are given admission".top↑

If You Are Combining Results Or Have Straight Credits

Please don't choose any courses related to medical line, courses like, Medicine, pharmacy, dentist, etc.
There are other courses that you can choose, note : there is no federal university in Nigeria that will accept two sittings or straight credits in your O'level result for medicine even pharmacy except if it is a private school.

About Obafemi Awolowo University

Ones you score less than 230 in jamb and you didn't choose agriculture as your course, please either obtain changing of course form or changing of institution form. You wouldn't have, have any fear if there is still post utme examination but no it is↑

Nigeria Universities That Uses At Most 200 In Jamb

For school that use at most 200, schools like University Of Ibadan, you have no fear ones your O'level result is okay. Either you want to study medicine or agriculture ones your jamb score is up to 200 you have no fear. And beware that there is no magic if you score less than 200 even 199, ones it cannot be approximate to 200, obtain changing of institution form immediately.
The form was sold #2500 in 2016 but who knows how much they will sell it next year, might be lesser or costly, remember now "it's Nigeria".top↑

Generally, the minimum jamb score accredited by Jamb is 180 for all university, but some institutions does not agree with this, such schools as University Of Ibadan, University Of Lagos, Obafemi awolowo, University Of Benin, University Of Nigeria (Nsukha), and some other more.

Your Very Chances On Admission

Since 2012, jamb has cancelled choosing two universities, I.e first choice and second choice, but some school still accept second choice, like Ekiti State University (EKSU), after choosing your preferred university as your first choice, Eksu give a chance to choose them has your second choice without even choosing them in Jamb, so that is an opportunity for↑

Ladoke Akintola University Of Technology (Lautech) also allow the method but cancel it in 2016.

Lagos State University (LASU) also accept the idea, you can also choose Lasu as your second choice without choosing them before in Jamb same thing apply to Tai Solarin University Of Education (Tasued)

Alternative To University

Your best alternative to university is polytechnic, where you be awarded with ND certificate and you can proceed to earn HND certificate or you can cross to university of your choice after your ND program to obtain your degree certificate.
And the best polytechnic in Nigeria is polyibadan.

2nd Alternative To Polytechnic

College Of Education

College of education is also an alternative institution to university and↑

Things To Consider When Applying For Jamb.

Make sure you choose the correct subjects combination that your desired school accept, try reading the updated jamb brochure.
Please make sure that you choose the correct subjects combination, check jamb and your school brochure, please am begging you choose correct subjects combination read this article by Funaab on why some students are not called for 2016/2017 screening Here to see how important choosing correct combination↑
Read more on jamb course and school choice advice at "Which School Should I Fill For 2017 Utme

Screening Procedure

The first thing to consider in screening, is your appearances.


How to dress to screening interview,
Your first and best choice should be Suit.

Best Alternative To Suit

A long sleeve shirt, a straight trouser not jeans or pencil trouser with well polished shoe or sander.
Note : Wear sander only if it's matches you dressing.

Other Alternative

You can also where native attire, here is list of things you need to consider if wearing native↑

Things To Consider Before Wearing Native Attire To Screening

1) The native attire should either be white lace or white guinea, please don't wear Ankara, be it hightarget or lowtarget ankara or whatever, remember you are going for a screening not a party.

2) The native attire must not be too fitted but ok.

3) The native should not be sew in any kind of manner, it must be sew in not too fitted and straight style.

Note if you don't have shoe, please don't wear native to your screening interview, you must wear a well polished shoe not suede shoe. I believe I don't have to tell you to iron your dresses. And if normally you don't always look good in native attires, please don't wear↑

Please in any circumstances don't ever wear palm (open toes shoe) to any screening center.

4) Your hair should not be bushy , your hair style should be appropriate, not just any style, you know the kind of "hair style that you do" now, no afro, no obama, no layers but instead low cut or fade or even skin. It just for one day interview, or you can't tolerate something for just one day or even one month than to wait another 365↑


How will you interact with the screening coordinators?
In 2016/2017 Funaab admission screening, the questions that was asked was that, "you should introduce yourself and tell them about your secondary school and why you choose funaab as your first choice. Some said, they were asked to list the number of some ministers in Nigeria while some said they weren'↑

You can see that screening interviews will be in favour of many students, especially those ones that are not brilliant enough to pass post utme examination.

Just be calmed during your interview session.
Don't try to impress the interview coordinators by trying to speak big big grammar, be plain and speak simple English.
And please don't lie, be truthful in everything you utter in front of them because they have all means to cross check everything that you said and easily find out your↑

Certificate To Tender

Make sure all your certificate are from one school, you can combine results but you can't combine certificates. If a friend of yours had did this in the past, that was in the past don't do it now. And also just because someone did something wrong and got away with it doesn't mean you also will.

For example, don't submit a testimonial from another school and submit a result certificate from another school. All your certificate must be issued by one↑

After doing all the above procedures there are two more important things to do, sub-important and important.


The sub-important thing is long leg in order word "connection".
Do you know why connection is sub-important, because even when you attended a party, to get a plate of rice is connection, that is why this guy was so happy when he heard that his mummy is in charge of jollof↑

when you attended a party and you hear that you mummy is In charge of jollof rice

But if you don't have any connection don't worry the next one is the most important of all.

The Most Important

Prayer, this is the most important of all, pray to your GOD and he will answer. Whether you are a muslim or a Christian or even the other one, he will surely answer and you will succeed.

Special Advice

If you are given admission but not your preferred course, please accept the admission, and you can obtain another jamb form in the following year while you are already in school. Don't say that I wasn't given my preferred course, so I will reject the admission, please don't, "be wise".top↑

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