About Our Tutors

About Acadel.org Tutors

Currently acadel.org has three tutors and as time goes on, we hope we could have more. One handle the science department, one on management sciences and the other handle the art department.

Azeez warith olakunle | the Ceo of Acadel.org, Azeez warith is an undergraduate student in federal university of agriculture, abeokuta, studying computer science, he has a potential in physics, chemistry and mathematics and an entertainment enthusiast, so passionate in webmaster and providing academic needs to as many people as he could, providing solutions to the great demands of internet.top↑
Warith created Acadel.org in order to contribute to the growth and development of internet in Nigeria and to other part of the world ensuring they get educated and informed.
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Contact him at [email protected]

Our Second Tutor

Our second admin is Ajao Dimeji, which is universal known as Uncle ASAP.
Ajao dimeji is also an undergraduate student in university of ibadan who has so much passion in educating people and guiding people. Ajao dimeji is one of the law students in university of ibadan
ASAP is one of those people that doesn't participate that much in entertainment and social media, but when it comes to education, nobody compete with him, he is so in love with is academic books and handouts that people call him book warmer, he loves reading stories and has a great potential for generally all art subjects.top↑
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Our New Tutor

Akmen omotoyosi is an undergraduate studying economics at federal university of agriculture abeokuta, omotoyosi is social enthusiast, with economics as best subject and teaching people as an hobby. Did I mention that, I'm a female... thanks, see you in class. Read Omotoyosi post here

Together, we all make Acadel.org, do you have any question for any of our tutors, well feel free to contact us or use the contact form below, thank you.top↑

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