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The Society Definition

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what is a society?
SOCIETY : is an association that includes every kind and degree of relationship entered into by men, whether organized or unorganized, conscious or unconscious, antagonistic or cooperative and direct or↑

SOCIETY includes the whole issue of human relations and is without a boundary or assignable limits.
SOCIETY also encompasses all of humanity, that is, the varied and all forms of relationship into which men necessarily enter in the course of group life.

SOCIETY can include any of the multiplicity of units, groups or organization found among men.
Examples are professional organizations, clusters of friends, society of friends, society for the Advancement of human rights, fraternities, families, kinship groups, criminal groups, and↑

Relationship Between The State And The Society

a] A society may be cooperative or antagonistic, organized or unorganized, while state must be organized for law and order under a government.

b] Government is established by the state to regulate and hold the society together.

c] A state must have definite boundary and sovereignty.
Note : This characteristics are not part of society charcters.

d] A State is concerned with social relationships expressed through government while the society suggests many social relationships which may be expressed through the↑

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