Nok Culture Civilization

hello historian, last time we talked about the scientific and technological development of early Nigerian societies, today will be talking about Nok culture civilization.

Nok Culture Civilization

Culture Civilization

First, What Is Culture?
We have all heard about the word "culture" before, from elementary school. Where they define culture as total way of life. Well that comprises everything, but in furthermore and breakdown, Culture is the arts, customs, lifestyles, background, and habits that characterize significantly a particular society or nation from another. It can also be define as the beliefs, values, behaviour and material objects that constitute people's way of life.
Do you know that? the community where people come from influence their behavior, let not even talk about continent or country here, let talk about you classroom mates, you all have different ways of reacting to an action, different way of expressing, different way of thinking expecially if you are in a classroom filled with different people from different ethnic groups.

Now let talk about Culture Civilization.

First what is civilization?
Civilization : is the act of educating or enlighten a person or people to perceived a higher standard of behaviour.
So what is civilization in culture?
Culture Civilization : can be define as organized  culture encompassing many communities, often on the scale of a nation or a people to acquire a stage or system of social, Political, or technical development.

I believed you should understand the meaning of culture and its civilization by now, if so then let talk about Nok culture civilization. Enrol For This History Course - This course comprises of history of earth, life, society, basically history of the past.

Nok Culture Civilization

Nok is a village near Kafanchan in Kaduna States. The discovery of a terra cotta a.k.a burnt clay head of a monkey by tin miners Lt Colonel John Dent, an Englishman miner with his crew led by him in the North -South, Nok in 1936 brought about more discoveries in other places such as Wamba, Katsina Ala, Kagara, Ankiring and jema. The area where these terra cotta figurines were found is called the Nok culture or civilization area. The Nok civilization has been seen as a transitional culture between the Stone age and the Iron age in Nigeria because of the presence of a combination of stone and iron objects. The only exception was Taruga, a fully iron-using centre, because of absence of any stone tools there.
Through the use of carbon dating, it was discovered that the Nok culture existed between the fifth and second century B.C{before christ} and belonged to a people who had a lot of things in common with a well organised economy.
Some other archaeologists also discover some materials. Some of the archaeologists is Bernard Fagg, a British national, who was a Research Professor of Archaeology at University of Ibadan, and also one time Director of Federal Department of Antiquities, now National Commission for Museums and Monuments, Bernard was one of the archaeologists that excavated some Nok sites.
He discovered a fine terra with wita head at Jemaa site which had striking stylistic resemblance to monkey’s head. Enrol For This History Course - This course comprises of history of earth, life, society, basically history of the past.

According to Bernard Fagg, Nok culture was believed to have belonged to a homogenous group of people who had a well ordered economy and a good system of government. Also from Bernard Fagg, it was also believed that Nok people were ancestors of the present population of Ham people because of the similarity of economy as it was suggested by Fagg
For an instance, the Ham people wear lip plug as well as ear plug, similar to those of the Nok people. #This is obviously right. Nok people knew iron-working besides making of terra-cotta objects and domestic pottery. All this complement the fact that the Nok people are the ancestors of the Ham people.

Importance Of Nok Culture Civilization

The importance of nok culture to Nigerian history is found in the contributions made by the people to the early technological development of Nigerian area through the production of iron tools and weapons pottery, tin making and terra cotta sculptures of animal and human figurines. It has been found that the jaba who today live in the Nok area still use the hair styles found on Nok terra cotta heads (Eluwa etal, 1988).

Another importance of nok culture civilization is that, the culture helped to push back the antiquity of Nigerian history by showing that Nigerians produced and used iron tools and weapons as early as 500BC. Iron technology brought about significant changes in people's lives as they are able to clear forest, till the ground and plant crops more easily. However, iron weapons made wars more destructive thereby causing loss of more lives property. Man has continued to use iron till today. Enrol For This History Course - This course comprises of history of earth, life, society, basically history of the past.

That is all on the Nok culture civilization, our next topic on Nigerian history is Ife Culture Civilization. Don't forget to hit the share button and suscribe to our mailing list to not miss out of any updates. And also Enrol For This Course About History Of Everything, thank you.

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